Mini Breathalyzer

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The Mini Breathalyzer is a convenient tool to have when you may of had a bit too much to drink and need to know an accurate gauge of your blood alcohol levels. This tool will help you do just that!

It's important to remember that drinking and driving is NEVER OK!

Right now, the Mini Breathalyzer is on SALE!


  • Advanced flat surfaced alcohol sensor
  • Quick response and resume
  • SMD assembling, stable performance
  • MCU control
  • Direct testing process
  • One key operating
  • Digital LCD display with red backlight
  • 360-degree rotating mouthpiece
  • Portable
  • Audio warning beyond pre-set limit
  • Sensor Fault Self-checking
  • Battery saver design with low voltage indication
  • 2 x 1.5v AAA alkaline battery

Helpful Tips:

  • Wait 20 minutes after your last drink before testing
  • For accurate result, do not repeat next testing within 3 minutes after last
  • Do not smoke and eat for 20 minutes prior testing
  • Do not use chemicals to clean the tester
  • Do not blow liquid into the breath pipe
  • Do not use any flammable substances near the tester, such as paint, insecticides, alcohol, etc.
  • Do not place the tester in a closed environment with contaminated air
  • Modifying or tampering with the unit's internal components may cause a malfunction

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Mini Breathalyzer
  • 5 x Mouthpieces
  • 1 x User Manual